CUSTOM Illustrated PNGTuber | STANDARD

Custom PNGTuber commission - 1 x Expression

This is for a STANDARD 2D Illustrated PNGTuber: Upper body/torso ONLY

These are great for faceless streaming on places such as twitch/discord etc, and compatible with softwares such as veadotube mini.

Once Purchased you will be able to send me the details/references for your PNGTuber - the more detailed the more accurate I can create it [Images are the most helpful]

You will receive 4 .png files consisting of:

  • Open Mouth

  • Open Mouth | Blink

  • Close Mouth

  • Closed Mouth | Blink

Each file will come in 3 sizes 112x112 | 56x56 | 28x28 px

Extras such as more expressions/hands/pets etc. will be available to purchase for an additional $30 each.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch BEFORE you purchase! I'm always happy to clarify anything you might not be sure about <3

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CUSTOM Illustrated PNGTuber | STANDARD

COMMISSION | Digital Download

NZ$22.50/week x 4

or NZ$90 once